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Speak It! For Mac

Speak It!

Human Quality Text to Speech for the Mac

Future Apps proudly presents Speak it! for the Mac, the highest quality text to speech application available for Mac OS X. Speak it! has been the best selling and highest reviewed text to speech app on the iOS platform, and we have taken the best features and molded them into a ground up remake for the Mac platform.


Speak it! for the Mac uses the same industry leading voices that have made it such a great hit on iOS, which reproduce speech that is so clear and natural sounding you will have a hard time telling it is a computer speaking! You can use Speak it! for anything from a speech assistive app for people with vocal disabilities, to a personal document reader. Speak it! can read any sort of text you can select and copy from any other application including emails, word documents, and web articles.


Speak it! has been designed to be very simple and easy to use, but also has powerful features that makes it a full featured text to speech application for pro users. You can read and unlimited amount of text, save any amount of phrases for quick playback, search phrases, change the speech playback speed, and more! Speak it! for the Mac also introduces a new feature called Voice Shaping, which allows you to change the characteristics of each stock voice to produce some really unique and fun voices.




  • Easy to use interface: simply enter the text you want to say, and press the ‚ÄúSpeak it! button
  • Four high quality voices are included: American Male, American Female, British Male, British Female (more international voices coming soon!)
  • Save as many phrases as you would like, and easily search and repeat them later
  • Pause and resume speech playback
  • Playback at a specific point in the text, or select the specific text you would like to playback
  • Voice Shaping allows you to create your own unique voices
  • Change the volume, as well as the speed of spoken text

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