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Decibel Meter

A sound meter for your iPhone

Ever wonder how loud a sound really is? Well now you can with Decibel Meter! Decibel Meter uses your iPhone’s built in Mic to determine the intensity level of sounds it picks up, and displays it in dB SPL (Decibel Sound Pressure Level). *


Simply start up Decibel Meter and it will automatically start sampling sounds, and shows you the RMS average decibel reading as well as the peak decibel reading. Decibel Meter also provides a fun graphical way of interpreting the level of sound.


The iPhone’s built in Mic has the ability to pick up sounds near 0 dB SPL and up to around 110 dB SPL. Check out the table below for a better understand of how decibels are measured!



  • Easy to use, no user interaction required
  • Easy to read Display
  • Average,  peak, and peak hold decibel levels
  • Graphical representation of sound level
  • 180 degree auto-rotation, so mic can point on top

*Decibel Meter should be used for entertainment purposes; the iPhone’s built in mic is not sensitive enough for professional level sound meter

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